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2019 - Making Phở

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************* Classes Are From 6pm - 8:30pm *****************

In this Phở class, Yume will show you how you can make Phở quickly and without MSG.  There are so many ways to make great Phở but almost ALL Phở places will use LOTS of MSG (up to 1 TBSP per bowl of Phở).  You all know Yume is very intolerance to MSg and she cooks without them on ALL her recipes. 

By taking this class, you will surprise yourself how you can make Phở at home - that will take you just as long you would cook a delicious pasta dish for your family.  

So, we will make Phở using fresh chicken (Yume will show you how to cook with canned stock as well).  Then we will have additional protein such as beef, shrimp so you can make a "fusion" Phở to your liking.  

Yume will walk you through the "original" Phở that is seen and served in the Northern Vietnam.  Yume will show you the different kinds of ways Phở are served and consumed and lastly, what are "considered" No-Nos when eating Phở.

Purchase the cooking class(es) you want and prepare to be entertained, and to be inspired to cook.  We apologized but there will be no refund once tickets are purchased.  If emergency arises and you cannot make the class at the last minute, we will try to move you to another class in the future.  We cannot do this for more than 2 people at a time.  We hope you understand.

*** Please email us at if you have won some cooking classes from Indochine's promotions such as No Peeking Envelopes or Text Promotion.  We will provide a specific coupon code for you to use when you check out so you will not have to pay for the seat(s) that you have won ***.

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