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Tamarind sauce is our version of Pad Thai sauce.  It is made with tamarind - which is a sour fruit that grow plentifully in Southeast Asia and in South America.  In those country, tamarind are eaten fresh with a pinch of salt, or cook them in sugar to make tamarind jam.  But the most frequent use in Southeast Asia is to cook them up, strain them and use the liquid similar to the way vinegar is used. 

Our tamarind sauce is gluten-free and soy-free and is a vegan sauce which makes preparing any vegan dish easily and deliciously!  You can add a little bit of honey and fresh ginger and chili pepper to make a tart salad dressing.  You can use it to stir-fry your vegetables with tofu.  Or you can make vegetable chili by using the sauce and add some chili powder in it.  Just use your imagination!  Similar to all of the sauce in our line up, just a few tablespoons go a long way.  

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We use our local shipment center in Colorado to ship your order. That means you will be receiving your wonderful products - made, packed and shipped from a central location in the USA. Secure ordering available. Economical way to cook fresh, delicious meals at home - and they are ethnically-diversed. We make fresh batches so your product has not been sitting on a shelf for long by the time you receive it. Courteous, knowledgeable and professional support staff. Tons of satisfied customers. All items in stock & ready to ship. Everyone that uses our products, come back for more. We must be doing something right!

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