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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where are the nutrition facts table?

A.  Please refer to each product page as the nutritional panel is listed there.  

Q. How long are the sauces good for unopened?

A. The sauces are good for 18 months from the time they are made.  The Good-Until date stickers are on the bottom of the jars.

Q.  How long are the sauces good for once opened?

A. The sauces need to be stored in the refrigerators once they are opened.  They will last up to 6 months refrigerated - given that non-contaminated spoons are used to retrieve the sauces.

Q.  How do I know if the sauces are gluten-free or soy-free or vegan?

A.  On each of the label for each sauce, the designation for most common allergies are checked off.  

Q.  How many meals can one jar of sauce make?

A.  It depends.  For the most parts, you will only use 2 TBSP to 3TBSP to prepare one pound worth of raw ingredients.  Since most adults consume around 1 lb of cooked ingredients for dinner, it is safe to say that 2 TBSP to 3 TBSP make one adult-size dish.  Most jars are 12 oz so there will be enough sauce for up to 10 adult-size dishes per jar.

Q. What are the differences between cooking sauce and dipping sauce?

A.  Cooking sauces are used in stir-fry, marinade, slow cook, soup and so on.  Our Essential Cooking Sauce, Panang Curry, Green Curry, Yellow Curry and Tamarind are cooking sauce.  Dipping sauces (a.k.a Ready-to-Eat sauce) are Kaffir Lime Sauce, Coconut Peanut Sauce.  

Q.  Your tea: how many cups of tea can I make from your tea package?

A.  Our tea is packaged in one-ounce portion.  We recommend to use 1 tsp of the leaves for everyone 2 C of hot water.  Our tea is so delicious that you can add at least another C of water and the flavor will still be there.  Generally, our bag of tea will yield about 40 cups of tea.

Q.  Is there more detailed cooking instructions besides the videos?

A.  Yes, detail recipes are available for every recipes you see on videos and many more that we don't have videos for.

Q.  Can I buy your sauces as gifts for my friends?

A.  Certainly!  When you buy, just make sure to provide our Shopping Cart the address to ship to.  We will take care of the rest!